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10/23/08 09:08 PM #1    


Eric (Rick) Miller

Welcome to the Germantown High School (Washington) Class Of 1981 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

10/24/08 09:46 PM #2    

Mary Guzzonato (Reich)

Great job Rick...I hope we are able to find a lot of people!

10/27/08 01:27 PM #3    

Sharon Dieringer (Krause)

Thanks Rick for creating this website. Often wondered what has happened to everyone. Can't wait to see more pics.

11/01/08 03:46 PM #4    

Jeff Heuer

Nice Website Rick. Very easy to use. Very easy to upload pictures, so people if you want show off your kids or such, it's easy to do. I've enjoyed seeing the photos that are posted.


01/11/09 10:10 AM #5    


Cary Charles

Rick, this really is well done. Being one of those who moved out of state and out of touch, this is an awesome way to catch up on those who pop up in the memory every once in a while. It also will be a great prep to our 30th reunion in just 2 years.

Can I ask everyone who's on to reach out to at least one perosn you know who's not on it to get it populated.

Thanks Rick. And tell Lynn that it's not fair to post pictures that look the same as in high school. I know she's younger than you but COME ON!


04/09/09 04:21 PM #6    

Debbie Deeder (Whitaker)

This is great I have been trying to find something like this for years, the closest is classmates but no one ever does the reunion. Thank you.

Debbie Deeder Whitaker

07/19/09 09:21 PM #7    

Rhonda Bernarde (Hilgendorf)


Thanks for setting this web-site up for our class. Lois Boehlke (Scheyder) informed me at the Boehlke family reunion today about what you created for us - GREAT JOB! I'll try to pass this site along to classmates I have kept in touch with through the years.


07/21/09 10:55 PM #8    

John Birmily

Rick - Great job with this site .... Not sure what I googled to get here but its in my favorites now.

Thought you should know .... every time we make it to G-Town... about every 2 years... we run into your parents. Last June it was in the Pick-n-Save parking lot. I even commented about it to my wife Christina. We always ask how you and the family are doing.

You are doing a really great thing here. Hopefully others find the site and participate as the 30th - ouch!!
gets nearer.


01/31/10 09:20 AM #9    

Lisa Heinze (Ryan)

Thank you Rick for setting this up. I have been trying to find classmates and this is so helpful. Thanks again for your time, energy and skills!!!

06/26/12 10:04 PM #10    


Cary Charles

Class of 81... wear your blue and gold to the Harley Stage and say Hi to anyone wearing blue and gold... it might be me.   (I have no idea how this site works so I'm posting everywhere I can.)

03/28/14 08:08 PM #11    


Cary Charles

Anyone interested in a Blue & Gold Warhawk Get-Together at Summerfest this summer??

I plan on going one day this year with my 14 year old son and would plan around it!

10/13/15 12:38 PM #12    


Eric (Rick) Miller

Hello Class of 1981;

2016 would be our 35th reunion time.  At 35 years, many high school reunions are combined with other classes.  I haven't really thought about it yet, but this is the time to begin.  Not sure I will be the lead for our next one.  Time to pass the torch if there are willing committee members.

I started thinking about our 35th because this site is up for renewal.  Traffic on this site has come to a crawl.  I will renew for another, then decide if it warrants renewal after that.  Social media sites can be used for planning events, which were not available in 2008.

I appreciate feedback on the reunion or website.  Thanks everyone



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